Contracting to conduct an audit or review of your financial statements, you will receive:

  • Analysis of your company actual financial position;
  • Formal confirmation of the company credibility towards your contractors and creditors
  • Argumentation for decisions concerning business continuation and evaluation of the related financial risks.

An audit of financial statements conducted according to standards of the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors and the Accounting Act includes an examination and evaluation of:

  • Corporate record system – methods of registration of operations, evaluation of the Chart of Accounts, rules of bookkeeping, internal audit system, and reliability of the books of accounts;
  • Legal basis of the company and correctness of determination of its equity;
  • Correctness of evaluation of the company assets and liabilities and the financial result;
  • Correctness of the financial statements including:
    • Balance Sheet
    • Profit and Loss Account
    • Additional information and introduction to the financial statements
    • Statement of Changes in Equity
    • Cash Flow
  • Risks of the business continuation in the context of the results presented in the Company annual report providing the basis for an Opinion on the financial statements and Report from the audit.  

To meet any specific needs of our Clients, we may conduct a detailed analysis of a selected business area documented in the books of accounts. Statutory auditors employed in Perfecta Audit Services have high professional qualifications and a long-term experience in audits of financial statements, confirmed by results of inspections of the Audit Supervision Commission.

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