About us

Perfecta Audit Services started its operations in 1991 which was the first year when accounting services could be outsourced.

Our audit and accounting company is registered in the National Commercial Court Register in Warsaw under number KRS 122549,  NIP 5220103294, and REGON  010604842.

The Company is listed as an entity authorised to audit Financial Statements under number KIBR (National Chamber of Certified Auditors) 1507.

The share capital of the Company amounts to PLN 180,000.

Perfecta Audit Services is represented by the Management Board composed of:

Lech Zieliński – President of the Management Board;

Teresa Bednarek – Vice President of the Management Board (Statutory Auditor licence No. KIBR 6317);

Iwona Ławecka-Giera – Accounting Director (Auditor licence No. PIKW 5143).

The Supervisory Board of the Company is composed of statutory auditors holding KIBR licences.

Perfecta focuses on continuous increasing of professional qualifications of its employees and updating of their knowledge required to provide the services in a professional way. Their expertise relating to the frequently changing legal, tax and financial regulations and to the most advanced accounting solutions ensures comprehensive and reliable services received by the Clients.

To foreign companies, we deliver English reports presenting their financial operations and results according to principles applied in the whole group to all subsidiary companies, branches and representative offices.

Perfecta Audit Services holds a civil liability insurance covering its audit, accounting as well as HR and payroll management operations.

The benefits from our provision of accounting services include:

  • elimination of a risk of errors in taking business decisions;
  • lower costs in comparison to
    • hiring an accountant;
    • hiring an HR and payroll specialist;
    • arrangement of work environment for these employees.
  • no need to purchase IT equipment, software licences that should be frequently modified to support the amended regulations;
  • transfer of your own liability to the liability of the accounting and audit company holding a civil liability insurance ensures a full financial compensation (penalties, interest) connected with any incorrect tax settlements. In case of an in-house accountant, the liability is limited only to a double monthly salary of that person.

The scope of duties of Perfecta Audit Services is not limited to posting journal entries, preparing payrolls, tax and ZUS (social insurance) declarations.

On behalf of our Client, we cooperate with public authorities (tax office, ZUS, GUS, and PIP), handle potential inspections and audits in our Client’s company and provide explanations to respective public officers, taking the burden off the Company management.

We prepare monthly, quarterly or annual tax declarations and present them to our Clients for their approval and we also inform our Clients about their tax and ZUS liabilities. Finally, we submit the declarations to the public offices ourselves: electronically (electronic signature) or by the traditional postal service, representing our Clients on the basis of an agreed power of attorney.

You can deliver your accounting documents to Perfecta: by postal or courier services, and in person. Your documents may be also picked up by an employee of our company.

There is no anonymous service in Perfecta Audit Services. Each Client communicates with a dedicated Accountant. There is also an Accounting Director (Chief Accountant) at the disposal of our Clients.

It is always clear which of the consultants in our company provides advice relating to your current questions and you can always arrange a consultation meeting concerning your expected future steps.

More difficult issues connected with the Clients’ business can be solved by a law firm cooperating with Perfecta Audit Services on a long-term basis.

Contracts on accounting and HR and payroll services concluded with Perfecta Audit Services provide for:

  • full liability of the accounting company for keeping of the books of accounts, tax settlement, social insurance contributions on the basis of documents of business and financial operations provided by the Client;
  • handling any contracts and settlements with employees and subcontractors, in accordance with the regulations of the labour law.
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