Company creation assistance

The establishment and registration of a new company

  • Advise on how to start a new limited company 
  • Determine the necessary capital, any kind of contribution introduced to the company, 
  • Help determine the type of business ( Polish business classification- PKD, certificate of identification number - REGON) ,
  • Prepare a contract of partnership , a notarial deed, a request to the National Court Register, 
  • Take care for the notification for National Labour Inspectorate (PIP) documentation, 
  • Prepare a report of the company and employees in National Insurance Company (ZUS), 
  • Prepare a notification needed for to the province offices (environmental fees) 
  • Determine the required reporting framework. 

Transformation, suspension or liquidation of the company; 

  • Prepare a resolution of  shareholders of the conversion or winding-up of partnership, 
  • Prepare a necessary documentation to the National Insurance Company (ZUS), the Tax Inspection Authority, the applications to the National Register Court, 
  • We analyze the accounting  records of the transforming or winding-up partnership,
  • Determine the value of the assets, liabilities balances, liabilities incurred by the company,
  • Acting with the authorization of the owners, we will take care of all the matters in offices,

We cooperate with sworn translators and notarial offices – discussing the convenient time for business owners, to make the necessary formalities professional and as quick as possible.

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