Today, taking business decisions that require employment of financial resources, both the company own and external interest-bearing ones, is not feasible without understanding of the related risks.

Accounting instruments used to ensure effective management need to be customised to the specific business, the company organization structure, its trade relations, and cooperation networks. They should provide an on-going evaluation of the company financial position and the risks resulting from changes in the business internal and external conditions that limit the feasibility of the planned projects.

Contracting to provide accounting services, you will benefit from:

  • the company books of accounts with advanced instruments necessary in your management processes;
  • regular cooperation with experts in accounting, law and business management – providing the necessary information and support;
  • personal relations built on mutual trust and commitment of our company to the Client’s business development;
  • based on an on-going financial analysis, early indication of any consequences of changes in the assets structure and increased risks of continuation of the present strategy;
  • records of accounting documents entered into the company books of accounts within
    3 days from their delivery.


The 20-year experience of Perfecta Audit Services in the provision of accounting services confirms the importance of good relations with Clients to ensure effective business management.


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