We offer the following services at the basic fee for keeping books of accounts:

  • availability of a dedicated accountant responsible for services to the Client;
  • booking of 50 items of business and financial operations, registered in an electronic journal in the F-K financial and accounting IT system, based on a licence held for the software;
  • representation of the Client in the Tax Office and Social Insurance Institution to submit declarations, tax returns and to provide explanations required by the authorities;
  • preparation and presentation of monthly financial reports to the Company management including settlement of the financial result and tax liabilities as well as general ledger account balances;
  • thanks to the civil liability insurance coverage of the Client’s potential losses caused by the accounting service provider;
  • information and consultation for the Company representatives concerning financial regulations connected with the Company business.

The basic fee for accounting records kept in revenue and expense ledger is respectively lower.

The amount of the final, monthly fee for accounting services is determined on the basis of:

  • the actual number of items registered in the journal;
  • the actual time consumption;
  • the scope of management and consolidation reporting;
  • the number of legal issues solved to provide appropriate business and financial services (analysis of contracts concerning business operations);
  • the required professional qualifications of the accountant responsible for the services.

The price for services connected with HR, payroll and social insurance payment management depends on the number of employees, subcontractors, contracts of commission, as well as the scope of services (full HR and payroll services or services limited to payroll and social insurance payments).

For other services, the prices are determined on the basis of the number of hours needed to solve an issue or to prepare the expected reports. Fees per hour correspond to professional qualification of the expert.


All charges are agreed upon with the Client before the services are provided.


For start-up businesses, we offer our support in the company registration and a 25% price discount in the entire period of their set-up operations.

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