Accounting and audit services for EU co-financed projects

The audits are conducted on the basis of the standards included in the Eight Directive of the EU and regulations issued by the National Fund and the National Authorising Offices.

Bookkeeping methods take into account any requirements of the sponsors relating to accounting for the granted European Funds.

Examining any project financing, we evaluate implementation of the project assumptions originally adopted to receive the project support funds on the basis of:

  • knowledge of the project deliverables;
  • costs incurred to implement the project and their documentation;
  • comparison of the assumed and achieved project benefits.

Our audit covers accounting and internal audit systems in the organization implementing the project. All the evidence connected with the audit subject is examined.

We use analytical procedures to:

  • obtain historical information in particular on any changes in comparison to the results generated by the project implementing organization in previous periods;
  • obtain reliable forecast data concerning results of the project deployment by the implementing organization;
  • evaluate the project post-implementation status.

The team of certified auditors of Perfecta Audit Services, holding the required licences of the Minister of Finance, ensures that audits of project finance reports are conducted in compliance with the relevant directives of the European Union.

Accounting services and audits of project finance reports provided by Perfecta to companies implementing projects ensure correct accounting for European Union funds.

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Accounting and audit services for EU co-financed projects
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